Saturday, January 2, 2010

Around a year ago...

... I was overweight and every time i moved my body my flabs will jiggle in a synchronized manner that it seems that they have a mind of their own. I was also having regular bouts of astigmatism and migraine for the past few weeks that made me skip office and taking tylenol/ alaxan did lessen the pain but the was still almost unbearable. I was wearing shades all the time because the smallest amount of light will again make my eyes go haywire. I went to the ophthalmologist and had my eyes checked, she said that i am having a "cardiovascular migraine," i said "what the --?" She explained to me that i already have an existing eye problem (i was still wearing glasses during that time) and because i was overweight (181 lbs) the capillaries in my eyes are clogged by fat and being overweight aggravates the situation. She said that i have to lose weight or i will continue to to experience these "attacks."

The next day, i dusted my 2 year old Nike Free 7.0 shoes and ran after a long hiatus in running. Now after 12 months and 30+ lbs lost, i havent had any of those nasty bouts of headaches anymore BUT i am still running 


  1. aba naman! may blog ka rin pala hehehe

    keep running brother!

  2. Oo nga! may blog ka pala! haha! =) ayan, I will link you ok? =)

    Nice entry! =)

  3. Nice one Ace! Whatever reasons, bottom line is we all want to have a good health... and that what makes it inspiring!


  4. now i know what's the real reason that motivates you to run...=) kaya now na nabasa ko blog mo kuya brando it inspires me to run den...wag nga lng tatabinge ang kalsada...hehehe

    keep on running, keep on loosing weight if that what makes you feel good, godbless!