Saturday, January 2, 2010

Around a year ago...

... I was overweight and every time i moved my body my flabs will jiggle in a synchronized manner that it seems that they have a mind of their own. I was also having regular bouts of astigmatism and migraine for the past few weeks that made me skip office and taking tylenol/ alaxan did lessen the pain but the was still almost unbearable. I was wearing shades all the time because the smallest amount of light will again make my eyes go haywire. I went to the ophthalmologist and had my eyes checked, she said that i am having a "cardiovascular migraine," i said "what the --?" She explained to me that i already have an existing eye problem (i was still wearing glasses during that time) and because i was overweight (181 lbs) the capillaries in my eyes are clogged by fat and being overweight aggravates the situation. She said that i have to lose weight or i will continue to to experience these "attacks."

The next day, i dusted my 2 year old Nike Free 7.0 shoes and ran after a long hiatus in running. Now after 12 months and 30+ lbs lost, i havent had any of those nasty bouts of headaches anymore BUT i am still running 

Friday, January 1, 2010

Nuisance runners?

I have classified below the different types of "nuisance" runners that i have encountered while running in races. Take note though that what may be a nuisance for me may not be to you.

  • The not-so-fast runners at the very front of the pack - i have nothing against these runners (and i myself not being THAT fast of a runner), but dont position yourselves in the very front of the pack so you can get a lot of pics. That place is for the fast runners/ elite runners competing for a podium finish and cash prizes.
  • The zig-zagging zorros - runners that will suddenly cut your path almost colliding with you. If you have to "cut" another runner's path do it slowly or even yell "passing through!"
  • The arrogant bastards - when i was running the Ateneo 150 10km race last month there was a runner who was around 2-3 minutes in front of us and have already cleared the final loop and when he passed by he shouted "Hi guys!" with that sarcastic tone while waving his hand with a big grin on his face. Good thing no one clotheslined him.
  • The hoarders - Some runners will grab 2-3 cups of water to drink and bathe themselves leaving the other runners with no water and will have to stop and wait for a few seconds for the support teams to refill a new batch of cups. Do this if there is an abundant supply of water.
  • The patweetums-group-runners - These "runners" will run side-by-side with their pals while taking photos occupying the path of other runners. Are these people sure that they really are competing in a "race"? Or friendster profile pictures is their main priority while in an actual race?
  • The snobs - these people automatically think that if you wish them luck before a race starts or congratulate them after a race you're out to get their celfone numbers or you're going to ask them for a date. The least you can do is to smile and say "thanks." There are still people who exists that simply wishes other runners the best of luck w/o other underlying intentions. Dont be a snob and dont assume too much.
  • The whiners- you'd hear these runners complain almost about everything after a race. There is not enough water, that the race is too short, that the medal is "parang-pinukpok-na-tansan," there is not enough FREE-bies (take note of the word FREE), the singlet is ugly, should-woulda-coulda, yaddi-yadda. Though i agree that some things are worth pointing out to the organizers, esp if runners' safety is on the line, but no single race will be perfect esp here in the Philippines where running as a sport is still in its infancy stage. There are proper channels where we can voice out our complaints and if these organizers are really serious they'll come back strong and better prepared for their next race.

My 2010 (running) resolutions

Very 1st day of 2010, i guess ill have to set my 2010 running resolutions.

  • Run a sub 2 hour 21km race
  • Run a sub 45 min 10km race
  • Run a sub 22 min 5km race
  • Run a race outside of luzon
  • Run my very 1st Marathon (target Standard Chartered SG 2010)
  • Reach 1000 km for my Bald Runner 1000 km shirt
  • Compete in my very 1st duathlon race (even short distances will do!)
  • Get my CWX running tights
  • Stay injury free
  • and world peace of course! :D

My Rizal Day Run 09 pics

Yep, all 400+ of them uploaded in 4 albums. All images are @ 900 x 600 (or vice-versa) @ 300 PPI. Feel free to use them in your social networking accounts but kindly pls DO NOT crop the small watermark below ok? :)

Rate yourself from 1-10 on how intense are you in your running career

Rate yourself from 1-10 in the "intensity" meter, i just came up with the list below.

1- FAD RUNNER - runs only because "kras" runs and it's the "in" thing nowadays.

2- HARDLY SERIOUS - "tried" running and after a few races enthusiasm fizzles out after buying a brand new . His/ her running shoes are now the home of various flora and fauna.

3- HOBBYIST - joins races from time to time but not in a regular basis, interested to train (and improve) even further but still undecided. The enthusiasm is there, and like a small lit matchstick, it only needs to be fed with fuel to make the fire bigger and brighter. Time will tell.

4- JOGGER - has been enlightened that running is a great way to stay healthy and maintain a healthy figure, like #3, the person joins races from time to time, and is slowly getting hooked with running. Most likely already started to join a running group or an online running community.

5- ENTHUSIAST -like #4, with the addition that the person starts getting more knowledge regarding running (yun pala meaning ng LSD!) and is slowly getting to know the different aspects of running. Starts to squeeze regular runs into his/ her (busy) schedule in preparation for an upcoming race. He/ she now feels the endorphins brought by running and is now starting to envision himself/ herself competing in "longer" races.

6- RUNNER - This person now starts to wake up during the early hours of the day just to run and has been doing regular training runs in preparation for an upcoming "target" race. He/ she can run alone or with a group and is starting to expand his/ her collection of singlets and bibs. Can comfortably wear ANY outfit, may it be nyort-nyorts, baktong singlets, or even body fitting tights. He/ she doesnt mind eyes looking when doing his/ her runs.

7- SERIOUS RUNNER - sets goals and trains diligently to break certain target times and constantly improve by breaking his/ her PR. Incorporates different types of training methods to further improve performance and knows quite a number of training courses and routes in different places. You'll see them regularly competing in races and spends a significant amount of their time training for a target race and believes that hard work will bear fruits. You'll see this person running during his free time/ vacation to improve further.

8- REALLY-DAMN-SERIOUS RUNNER - watches his/ her diet, religiously follows training plans, almost never misses a training run and if he/ she does he/ she makes up for it, ALWAYS wakes-up early for races, logs each and every run he/ she does, does different types of trainings such as fartlek, lsds, speed, etc, etc. is always updated with the latest technologies, methodologies, and techniques in order to improve performance. The PRs of this person are really FAST.

9- PRO/ ELITE RUNNER - an upgraded version of #8 above, this person just takes it to the "next level" and is generally viewed by his/ her compatriots as "one of the fastest" or "one of the most durable" in the group/ area/ even country. Earning money through running is also a possibility through podium finishes or even training other runners/ people. Also has years and years of experience under his belt, he really KNOWS the ins and outs of running.

10- RUNNING-IS-MY-LIFE - pain is pleasure, giving up is for the weak! Will risk life and limb just to get that new PR! Relatives? Family? What are those things? Kenenisa Bekele your ass is mine! This is SPARTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

PS: Of course this list is NOT absolute and should not be taken too seriously. This is a "fun" post.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

1st QCIM 10K race route via Google Earth + Garmin FR305

(Click image larger view)

View from 4.39km above, logged race route via Garmin FR305 then exported to Garmin Training Center (GTC) then finally to Google Earth.

My unofficial Time was 53m 25s, not bad for someone running with a broken rib!

A Simple article I wrote re running for our company

These are the photos of me taken last 13-Sep-2009 during "Ayala ECO Dash 2009." I ran the 10k race (my 4th 10k) which started at 6am, it was raining cats and dogs and the winds were also blowing hard on us that morning because of typhoon "Nando." The scene that I remember the most was when we were traversing the Buendia flyover, throngs of runners braving against the storm, all having that determined look in their eyes. I cant even find the right words to describe how it felt... It was awesome... It was surreal... I was able to finish the race with an official time was 56m and 04s and was top 50 placer out of 500+ that ran the 10K race. Not bad for someone who just started running competitively just this year!

I remember my very 1st 10K race a few months ago, I struggled from gun-start to finish and I was very close in quitting the race and just go back home thinking that "I just cant do it." But no, I didn't back down nor was my spirit broken. After the race I realized that I have broken down the walls that my own mind have built to contain me. I have realized that I was not only competing against everyone, but I was also competing against my biggest adversary, MYSELF. From that point onwards I was determined to improve race after race, to do better each and every time I put on my running shoes and pin my bib number. Before, I said that finishing a 10K race was impossible, now I am currently planning to run my very 1st 21k race before the year ends. I realized that impossible is nothing but a mere word.

I hope that you guys also try (competitive) running in the near future, it's fun and it's a great way to stay fit and healthy. You can also run with your loved ones and have a great time together. It builds bridges to other people and reinforces existing ones. It's also a great way to rediscover yourself.

I hope that I inspire you guys.

Looking forward to hear your running adventures!